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Perrin Catch Can/Coolant Overflow

Blow-by is a constant problem with any turbocharged engine. While a normal byproduct of the combustion process if it isnít contained outside the engine it will collect and gum up the valve train, turbo and most importantly the intercooler and plumbing. When this occurs it reduces the thermal efficiency of the intercooler, thus losing power and performance. With our cleverly designed and easy to install silicone catch can you can control this problem. Available in red, blue or black to compliment any engine bay. Universally designed to work with all turbocharged applications.

Replace your ugly OEM coolant overflow tank with a PERRIN catch can /coolant over flow tank. The PERRIN Catch Can doubles as a coolant overflow tank that can change the appearance of your engine bay. Included with the kit are numerous mounting brackets that allow you to install the tank virtually anywhere. This can also add clearance to aftermarket intercooler piping, on kits that donít include them. The sight tube on the side shows how much coolant is in the overflow tank. Available in red, blue or black to compliment any engine bay. Universally designed to work with nearly all coolant systems.

Oil Catch Can Oil catch cans and the idea have been around forever. We have taken this idea and added style and an innovative design that fits anyoneís desires. Because our Catch can uses Silicone for the body, and machined aluminum caps for the top and bottom, it can be mounted anywhere your mind desires.

Why do I need an Oil Catch Can?

Lets look at your engine for a moment. Every engine during the normal combustion process, has blow-by. Engine Blow-by is excess combustion gases that leak by the piston rings and escape into the engine crankcase. During each compression or power stroke of a normal engine cycle, a very small amount of gases leak by the piston rings. This happens because the piston rings do not create a perfect seal. This Blow-by of gases is very small, but the higher the RPM and the more pistons, the more the blow-by starts to create pressure in the crank.

This pressure needs to be released, and is done so by crank case vents. Because manufactures have to keep environmental issues in mind, these gases canít just be vented to atmosphere. So the OEMís vent these gases back to the intake system to be re-burned. This all sounds good, but Blow by is nasty stuff!

Engine blow-by contains gases and oil from the crankcase. The gases arenít really a problem, but the oil is. This oily mess coats everything in its path as it makes it way back to the combustion chamber. This nasty oil mess gets into the turbo, then boost tubes, then intercooler, into the intake manifold, and finally back into the engine. As the oil creeps in between couplers and boost tubes, it can cause the connection pop off under boost. This oil then gets into the intercooler coating all the cooling fins. This greatly effects the ability of the intercooler to cool, and the efficiency of it will drop! This will cause a huge loss in power and can cause detonation. The last place this oily mess sees before the combustion chamber is the intake valves. Because of the temp differences and the oil impacting them, the oil will start to build up and form sludge. This adds up over time, and can cause many other problems, and hurt performance.

From this you can see, blow-by is bad, and it needs to be delt with.

How Does the Oil Catch can work? As describe above the oily mess goes from the crank case to the intake system, and generally through a rubber hose. An oil catch can simply intersects the hose and the oily mess before it reaches the intake system. The top of our Oil Catch Can has 2 fittings, one in and one out. The oily mess goes in the can, gets trapped because of either the media inside the can, or from the change in direction, or from a change in temp. This separated the good from the bad, and collects the bad.

As the fluid fills the can, the end user can use the sight tube on the side of the can to determine when to drain it.

Why would I need more than one Catch Can?
Because engines have more than one crank case vent, and or more than one type of crank case vent, they can use more than one catch can. For instance on a Subaru WRX, there is a crank case vent, valve cover vent and PCV hose. All of these vents do different things at different states of engine load, and in turn, all could use a separate catch can.

Coolant Over Flow Tank

Think of this as an added bonus. Because of our unique design, and mounting system, we added a few more parts to allow the end user to use the tank in many other ways other than to catch oil. Included with the kit are instructions how to replace your existing coolant overflow tank with a PERRIN Coolant Over Flow Tank. Same as the Oil Catch Can, we include brackets, spacers, bolts, hoses, and other things to remove the ugly OEM Coolant tank.

Or let your imagination run wild, and replace any number of other tanks in your engine bay.

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 17 December, 2009.
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