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JNZ Project Evo X



April 7, 2008

Finally the rest of the pics from our little photoshoot. Expect some new videos in the near future.










March 11, 2008

A sneak peak from the JNZ Tuning Project Evo X photo shoot. Stay tuned for a new video and pics!!!



March 7, 2008

We decided to pick the car apart a bit to see where we could shed a couple pounds. After all, this thing is a bit of a porker. Here's the list we compiled so far. We will update it as we go along.

Weight in lbs
Battery Tray with tie down bracket  3
Battery Tray with tie down bracket Plus Battery  38.2
Battery alone 35.2
Sub  16
Spare Tire with locking bolt 39.6
Spare Tire Foam Inserts and bolt 1.41
Spare Tire Foam Inserts and bolt plus Card Board and Cartpet 7.41
Jack, Lug nut tools, Keylock tool, and Spare Lug nut 6
Rear Seat (Lower) 12.8
Rear Seat (upper) 28.2
Rear Seat Belts with Bolts and Child Seat Brackets 6.2
Rear Washer fluid bottle plus fluid (full) and bolts 11.2
All of the rear trunk plastics/moldings 6.5
Plastic Rear Trunk lid deck (below rear window) 3.8
Front and Rear Floor Mats 5.8
Plastic moldings under engine  5.2
Valve Cover Plastic Cover 2
Turbo Heat Shields with Bolts 1
Front Plastic that covers the Hot Pipe (above Radiator) 2
Lower Rear Seat Mounting Brackets plus bolts 2.4
Stock Intake Pipe, Air Box, and BOV Tube (Actual MAF Sensor not included) 7.2
Stock Intake Pipe, Air Box, and BOV Tube (Actual MAF Sensor not included) with Bracket 8.4
Stock I/C Pipe (Hot pipe/Upper) with Hose 3.8
Stock I/C Pipe (Cold Pipe/Lower) with Hose (BOV tube not included) 3.8
Stock Cat Pipe without Sensor, Bolts, or Rubber Hangers 16.4
Stock Down Pipe without Sensor, Bolts, Rubber Hangers, or Gaskets 5.2
Stock Cat Back Pipe without Muffler, Rubber Hangers, Bolts/Nuts, or Gaskets 14.6
Stock Muffler Without Gaskets, Bolts or Rubber Hangers 29.4





March 3, 2008

JNZ Tuning Evo X single exit exhaust clips





March 2, 2008

JNZ Tuning Evo X dyno session






March 1, 2008

Well after a LONG day of testing out the parts we designed over the past couple of days we're finally home. The results...simply amazing. These cars LOVE mods. To say they respond to mods well is an understatement!!


235.53 whp / 266.46 ft lbs

...not bad!

Dyno Graph link


add intake pipe and MBC (+1.5 psi)

The addition of an intake pipe and 1.5 psi netted STAGGERING results. We netted a 44 whp and 28 ft/lb INCREASE with just those parts!!! Talk about a restrictive stock setup!

279.77 whp / 294.50 ft lbs

Dyno Graph Link



The addition of hard pipes netted us some more good number. Not sure how I lost the dyno run file but we netted 17 whp and 10 ft lbs. At this point we started noticing the UICP (hot pipe) has a tendency to fly off the intercooler. A bracket will be made to make sure the two pieces don't come apart.

296 whp / 305 ft lbs

add catback

The catback definitely woke this thing up. Not only does it sound amazing it looks so much better. We netted 14 whp and 1 ft lb. Heat soak is also becoming a problem...a bigger intercooler is definitely going to help this out.

310.48 whp / 306.71 ft lbs

Dyno Graph Link


add test pipe

The stock cat is definitely restrictive...our test pipe netted 20 whp and 2 ft lbs. The tone of the exhaust definitely gets nicer with this piece.

330.39 whp / 308.45 ft lbs

Dyno Graph Link


add downpipe

The last piece that we fabbed up was a downpipe. We assumed from previous test results and from the good design of the factory downpipe that results would net near nothing. Benefits include 304 SS construction as well as a WB bung.

By this point in our day the car was very heat soaked...a larger intercooler is in our NEAR future. We netted -2 whp and 3 ft lbs.

328.32 whp / 311.53 ft lbs

Dyno Graph Link

I'm working on hosting the video now so i'll post it up later....

All in all, we're VERY happy with what we've seen out of this car with minimal mods. We can't wait to make some more parts and actually TUNE this beast!! Last but not least, I'd like to extend a BIG thanks to the Eric, Mark and Bobby at Philly Dyno Works for allowing us to take over their shop for the day!! Till next time....




February 29, 2008

A couple more updates for everyone. The guys were up till the weeee hours of the morning finalizing the design and fabricating the downpipe, test pipe, and catback. The final outcome....nothing less then beautiful. We're strapping the car to the dyno tomorrow to get some numbers behind the products. {thumbup}

On to a couple pics....

3" polished stainless downpipe with factory style donut gasket flange





3" stainless test pipe (didn't get to polish it yet)


3" stainless single exit catback (didn't get to polish it yet)






February 21, 2008

Well today we decided to swing by D'Ambrosio Mitsubishi in Downingtown, PA to pick up an Evo X. First impressions were great! The car looks SOOO much better in person. Performance...as good as any other stock Evo. The car is definitely more refined and mild mannered compared to the IX but has tons of potential. Stay tuned for many new products from our camp!

BIG THANKS to the guys at D'Ambrosio Mitsu! 1st class service in our book! This is the 2nd Evo we've purchased from them. As you can see from some of the pics below they've got a good assortment available!

On to some pics!!!!!




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